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Demetrice Mills

Brooklyn Queens Land Trust
Community Leader and Board President

Retired Business System Analyst of JPMorgan Chase where he worked for 25 years in the Corporate Trust Division (Information System).

A member of Brooklyn Queens Land Trust since 2006, BQLT owns, operates, and steward 34 community gardens in Brooklyn and Queens. BQLT also lease 2 garden properties. one from Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and one from Housing Preservation Development (HPD). BQLT mission is to Ensure the conservation and preservation of open space in perpetuity, for the benefit of the general public, and Act as steward of the open spaces properties that BQLT owns, and Establish a community of gardeners in New York City.


Demetrice has served as Treasurer and Secretary of BQLT (2008 - 2010). He served as BQLT’s Board President (2010 – 2014). He has served on BQLT's Board of Directors for almost 7 years. He is currently Board Member of the NYC Soil & Water Conservation District, a member of New York City Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation – NYC Clean Soil Bank, a member of Cornell University Cooperative Extension Healthy Soil Advisory Committee, a Board Member of the Land Trust Alliance New York Advisory Committee and a Board Member of the American Community Garden Association. From 2007 to 2015, Demetrice served as co-Chair of BQLT’s Operations Committee. He is now the Chairman of Operations Committee.

Demetrice is a community activist and a community gardener. He has received a number of citations, accommodations and awards for his volunteer work with a number of community groups.