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North Star Fund is where donor and grassroots activists come together to do the deep work that changes our society for the better. With the bold goal of ensuring a future for activism in New York City, our programs, fundraising, and communications efforts are currently organized to achieve three overarching goals:    Funding Victories From delivering rapid response grants as an issue breaks to providing larger grants to the most impactful coalitions, North Star Fund gets resources in the hands of organizers and communities directly impacted by injustice.  We devote half of the funds we raise for grants each year to new and emerging grassroots organizations on the frontlines of social change in their neighborhoods and communities.  In recent years, our Activism’s Future Campaign has enabled us to partner with the leaders, organizations and coalitions which we support at more steps in the evolution of their work. This includes grants through our Movement Leadership Program, our Power Together coalition grants, and our Innovative Activism grants. In collaboration with other like-minded foundations, we support grantees through technical assistance workshops such as strategic communications and fundraising trainings. Being a Stronger Voice for Social Justice  North Star Fund has always been a resource for journalists, researchers and philanthropists looking for the stories of grassroots activists and their impact on the world. In recent years, we have deepened our strategic communications efforts to get out local, social justice stories that are woefully under-reported by mainstream, corporate-owned media. By helping to gather, frame, and put forth a more nuanced and progressive perspective on the issues of the day, North Star Fund changes the conversation on timely issues resulting in coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Daily News, Philanthropy News Digest, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Crain's New York, Huffington Post, and CBS News. Connecting with and Inspiring More Donor Activism North Star Fund raises every dollar it grants. In our 2014 fiscal year we granted just over $3.3 million in grants to more than 80 grassroots organizations and coalitions.  North Star Fund's purpose has always been to practice strategic philanthropy in which donors and activists are engaged as partners in directing resources to advance the grassroots movement for equality, economic justice, and peace. Our growth has been supported by generous donors who participate in timely, thought-provoking donor networking events and workshops, which connect you to grassroots work and help match your progressive values with your charitable giving.  In the process, you become an active part of building a New York City in which all people feel welcome and all communities have voice.  - See more at: https://northstarfund.org/about/organization/how-nsf-works/#.dpuf